Type and Image Layout Assignment (Final Two)

Of my final iterative work, I decided to choose these two as my finals because they are two distinctively different layouts.

One as the title on the wings of the pig which is more playful and eye catching and the other has a the title right above the paragraph with the pig flying towards it.



Type and Image Layout Assignment (Final four Iterative sketches)

This is the final four layouts, for the san serif font i used bahaus93 regular for the title and tunga bold for the paragraph. And for the serif font I used playbill regular for the title and nueva std bold for the paragraph.

Type and Layout Assignment (Iterative Sketches)

These are my iterative sketches, images that I considered using, and type specimens:

Based on my sketches I narrowed it down to four different layouts with two san-serif fonts and two serif fonts (one for the title and one for the paragraph)