Design Sketching Vocabulary Exercise

Final sketches of Home Screen, Text/SMS Screen and Call/Dial Screen:

My process:

The first thing I did of course was the warm up sketching of simple shapes and what they could be used for and represent. The screens I chose were the home, sms and dial screens because those are the top three things I use my phone for. Once I figured that out it was easy to sketch out ideas and possible apps for the home screen and the overall UI design I wanted. I made a lot of annotation and notes and found that using red was a good way to do that. I made sure that the display bar for the wifi, reception, time and date is always static no matter what screen you go to. For the home screen, I have a search bar for easy access to apps by just searching it. All the apps are in my opinion the most useful or highly used by most people. lastly, the home screen should always have a call option and internet option as it is a smartphone. Through out the whole process, I kept in mind that I am designing for someone like me, who is a person that loves simplicity, good visual appeal(spacing, margins, placement, simple, functional, useful, easy, fast, convenient). Although it wasn’t exactly part of the assignment, I did iterative sketches of the overall look and shape of the smartphone itself. I wanted a cool looking shape that also was easy to hold so I decided on an hourglass-like shape. I also really like having a full qwerty keyboard so I also made some design sketches for possible keyboard types that I would like to have on a smartphone, such as a double slide out, where no matter which way you slide the keyboard out to the left or right side you will still be able to use the keyboard.

Overall all this was a fun assignment and I got a lot of practice from this.


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